Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boucher family-Oscar Boucher and Aunt Jennie and Elaine Boucher

I found these 2 pictures in the same box in an antique store in Michigan. On the back written in ink is "Oscar Boucher" and "Aunt Jennie and Elaine Boucher". On the front of Oscar Boucher has photographer 'Marks, 207 Center Ave, Bay City, Mich."

Size Oscar Boucher 5 1\4 x 7 1\4 inches, Aunt Jennie and Elaine Boucher 8 x 10 inches. Conditions both have scratches and a bit scuffed up. Aunt Jennie photo has a missing top left corner. It was torn and is taped as you can see in the photograph.

If these people belong to your family and are interested in them. They are listed on my store or leave a comment on this blog.


TCasteel said...

I always look at old pictures at antique shops and wonder how families could 'misplace' such items that I certainly would treasure!

Karen Haggard said...

I agree completely. Especially this one. Aunt Jennie is actually smiling and not stiff posing. It was repaired with tape at one time so someone did value it. Then it got lost.....