Friday, June 25, 2010

The Dodds Family- 8 photographs

This treasure trove of the Dodds family was found in the same box in and antique store in Michigan. 8 wonderful pictures. Written on the back are names

To: Archie and Maggie
Old Mrs. Dodd
Archie and Maggie, Great Great Grandma Dodds
Archie and Harrison Dodds
Fred Dodds (Dr)
Alice Dodds
Mr & Mrs Chalker and Son, Mr and Mrs Archie Dodds
Robert Dodds, son Archie Dodds, son Russell Dodds (Baby)

Size vary from smallest 4 1\4 X 6 1\2 inches to largest 7 X 9 inches. Most are in great shape, some have the usual spots, stains and worn corners.

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