Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Dodds Family - A Success Story

Oh, what a lovey day it has been. Betty a descendant of the Dodds family found this wonderful collection. This family  lived in Michigan, but they are on their way home to Nevada.  Betty will soon will be meeting for the first time her ancestors. Some of them she knew already, some will be new faces and names. Boy, what a feeling it is to actually meet your Great Great Grandmother, Grandfathers, Aunts and Uncles through a picture. Betty was contacted by someone through that I had these pictures listed on my .

It made me feel wonderful to reconnect this family. As I have mentioned in previous blogs. Finding these photographs lost in an antique store or a flea market. I know somewhere out there, someone is researching this family. That's my goal.

What would be fun if Betty finds a family resemblance. Certain facial features pass down through the generations. I hope she does.
Hang your pictures, display them, don't hide them. If need be make copies and display the copies. If displaying originals, keep them out of the sunlight. Don't ever put them in a photo album with sticky magnetic pages. Use albums with acid free pockets that will allow you to display both sides. Set your photo album on a coffee table to display. This was very popular back when these old photographs were new. You can find in antique stores, empty vintage photo albums and frames. How nice it would be to display them like your ancestors did. 

Most of all hang onto your photos, pass them on to your descendants so they don't get lost in an antique store somewhere.....
Part II continues below.

1-19-2011 Part II This story continues.
     Two weeks later after I mailed the photos to Betty. Carolyn emails me not receiving her photos. After a few conversations with Carolyn and some research. It was concluded the same person who contacted Betty through contacted Carolyn at the same time. The at the same time Betty and Carolyn orders these photos, perhaps clicking on the 'Buy now' button at the same time. Only Betty's order came through first.
      Both ladies tell me these ancestors are from their mother's side, so I knew they must be close cousins. Maybe they already know each other, I didn't know. With permission from both ladies (because I don't give out my customer's names and email address to anyone). I send Carolyn's email address to Betty. What's amazing is yes they are cousins but they didn't know one another. They shared pictures and family history.
     On top of that, I sold some photos last year that belong to this family. I put in my share to their findings, a digital copy of the photos I sold.  Turns out to be new ancestors for Betty. 
     Now that is what genealogy is all about.  It's an amazing feeling to meet a cousin and have the same ancestors, then learn of new ancestors.
     Both Betty and Carolyn graciously allowed me to tell this story. I never thought this type of situation would happen. I am happy for them and hope they meet in person some day. Betty this is Carolyn, and Carolyn this is Betty. Ladies I thank you both.

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