Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hickman Family of Harbor Springs, Michigan, 9 photographs

Written in pencil on the backs, all but 1 has the same handwriting.

A treasure trove for the Hickman family of Harbor Springs Mich. These nine photos I found in the same box in an antique store in Michigan. Every picture has written in pencil name, location and some have dates. Here are the names on the backs.

Samuel Hart-grandfather to Joe Hickman
Eugene Hickman
Ela Hickman
Ida Hickman
Mrs. Lewis and Aunt Eada and Alvin
Joe Hickman
Henry Hickman born Apr. 12th 1898

Several are faded in color, some are dirty, some have warn corners and 1 has tiny holes. Sizes are variable generally in the 5 x 7 range.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Dodds Family- 8 photographs

This treasure trove of the Dodds family was found in the same box in and antique store in Michigan. 8 wonderful pictures. Written on the back are names

To: Archie and Maggie
Old Mrs. Dodd
Archie and Maggie, Great Great Grandma Dodds
Archie and Harrison Dodds
Fred Dodds (Dr)
Alice Dodds
Mr & Mrs Chalker and Son, Mr and Mrs Archie Dodds
Robert Dodds, son Archie Dodds, son Russell Dodds (Baby)

Size vary from smallest 4 1\4 X 6 1\2 inches to largest 7 X 9 inches. Most are in great shape, some have the usual spots, stains and worn corners.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jessie Cameron - Montreal

This young lady I found in Michigan. On the back written in ink is "Jessie Cameron" It's easier to read her last name when enlarged on the monitor. Photographer Martin Photography, Cor, Craig & Bleury, Montreal

Size 2 1\2 X 4 inches. Dirty on the front and back. Picture is still good.

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The Vintage Village - Which Member Has The "Prettiest Page"? Contest

Poll: Which Member Has The "Prettiest Page"?

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It 'a great place for vintage\antique minded people. Very friendly place to go.

Good luck to my fellow contestants!

Mrs Wm Robinson 1865 and Elizabeth Robinson Evans - Montreal - 2 photographs

What a find for the family genealogist! I have 2 photographs I believes belongs together. I found them in Michigan in the same box.

One photograph of mother and child is dated 1865. The same year the Civil War ended. On the back is written in ink Mrs Wm Robinson 1865. I can't make our her first name but her first child was Lizzie. Written in pencil is Grandmother of Annie's, Katie's Wilber's children. Photographer Martin Photographist, Cor Craig & Bleury Street, Montreal

The other photograph written in pencil is 'Aunt Lizzie, Elizabeth Robinson aged 16 yrs, After-wards Mrs N.O. Evans.
Martin photographist, Cor Craig & Bleury, Montreal. Field Photographer, St. Catherine St. cor of Peel, Bleury, Montreal

Both are size 2 1\2 x 4 inches. Excellent conditions for their age. These 2 photos are for sale at my Etsy store. Just click on my link or go to

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vintage Village

I have been away for a while. As you can see my blog has a new look. added these really neat background themes. I might be changing them from time to time.

Also I found this really neat website for promoting my small business. It's called "Vintage Village" and there is a gathering of sellers advertising their vintage items. A perfect place for me to promote my "Lost Ancestors" and my Restored Memories store. On my blog I added a link to my page on Vintage Village. The people there are very lively and friendly. There are lots of sellers with very cool pages and items they are promoting. I am still building my page and have a lot of work to do creating a good theme. So the look will be changing till I have it just right. It's lots of fun.

It's a never ending project, but never feels like work. That what I love about this.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun with mattes

This photo is very badly damaged. The back ground is near impossible to restore. Cropping is my choice to center the people and still keep the interesting fair behind them to help date this photo. Then add a vintage style matte to frame it. I really enjoyed creating these matte frames.