Monday, January 3, 2011

Frank Clay -A 'Lost Ancestors' Success Story

Frank Clay found his home, or I should say Paul Clay found Frank Clay.  Paul has been researching his Clay family history for many years. He found Frank in a Google search leading to my Restored Memories Etsy store. Many of the pieces in his family history puzzle sure come close that Frank Clay maybe Paul's great uncle. Paul even noticed a family resemblance. He still has some research to do to verify this and I hope this is he great uncle.

Paul has his own photo service and website Like me, he finds photographs with identification, then posts them on his website in hopes to find the family they belong to. He especially points out to me he has photographs from Rev. James W. Bushong album he purchased in 2008. You can view this collection with this link

He also has a spot on his website called 'Guess Who' with several family albums and misc. photos, family members have placed there.  He's had much luck in connecting these photographs with their families. 

I find his website is very interesting and I am sure you would too. I've noticed he and I have a Morehouse family line. I didn't see a connection there, but maybe with a deeper research there might be. You never know......

Good luck to Paul in a connection with Frank Clay. Please check out his website to see if he has any of your ancestors. Even if he is not in your area, photos wind up in the strangest of places.

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