Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Personalized Framing - My Latest Project

 Here is a fun project I did for my wonderful neighbor and friends. I was asked to take a group of family portraits  while the whole family was together over Christmas. I've never done a project like this before
The photos were actually fairly easy to take using a good quality digital camera and an tripod. I didn't worry about how much of a back ground I took or how centered. I just made sure I had everyone in the photo with room to do some cropping in my Photoshop Elements program. 

Took several pictures of each group or pose to be sure I get the best shot. Everyone smiling with their eyes open and faceing forward. Not that I could not have corrected these, but luckely for each group I did get a good photo without changing faces or bodies parts.


Crop, lighten, adjust contrast, add clarity and the photos came to life. Took out the flash glare on the eye glasses and the flash shine on some of the faces. Looks very much like a professional photographer took these photos. Making more fun out of it, I created these personalized name frames. Then adding it and creating a collage. 

My neighbors have a wonderful family. Very generous, loving close family. I can tell not only buy living next door but taking these photos, talking to them, how they pose so close together. We've been neighbors for many years  I am greatly honored to be asked to do this project for them. It was special to me and to them too. Bob and Pam, when you are ready for your next group photos, just call me over!

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