Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another success story, Mrs Wm Robinson 1865 and Elizabeth Robinson Evans - Montreal - 2 photographs

     Who would have thought Cathy from Quebec finding her ancestors in Michigan? She never did.... actually just these photos made their way to Michigan. After a few email conversations with Cathy, we concluded they probably never lived in Michigan. I purchased them from a dealer in Michigan, who purchased them from a dealer in Vancouver, who purchased them from ??? Wish we knew but it doesn't matter, Cathy found them and these ladies are on their way home to Quebec Canada. A long lost reunion, how exciting.

     Maria and Elizabeth Robinson lived in Montreal. I envy Cathy finding these photos especially dating 1865 Civil War time and lots of great information written on the back. Very lucky indeed. Cathy told me an "Angle" from notified her of these photos listed on my website store.

 Cathy, put the tea kettle on and set out the biscuits, they are going to be hungry after their trip. Enjoy!



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Teresa Wilson Rogers said...

Oh, how wonderful! Don't I wish I could discover some of my lost ancestors this way!