Saturday, February 26, 2011

John and Lida Stringer

  I found this photo in an antique store in Michigan. By first glance you think this is a worthless fade photo of an old couple. Nothing further to look at and pass it up.
     Not me, I saw someone's great great grandparents or great great aunt and uncle. On the back is their names John & Lida Stringer, ages 55 & 57 in the year 1905. To a genealogist's eye this is fabulous. Both born before the Civil War in 1848 and 1850. Someone having STRINGER name in their family tree can use this information to help place this couple in their records.

     With a few touch ups with my photo program you can see the details in their faces which I love. I am always intrigued in seeing who looks like who. Seeing family resemblance passed down though generations.
     You can find John and Lida at my new location "Lost Ancestors". I would dearly love to find their family so they can go home. Click on this link for details.

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