Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lost Ancestors - Garson Brothers - London UK- 2 photographs

These 2 brother I found in the same box at a flea market in Michigan. Both are from London and both have written in ink front and back:

On front is W.J. Garson 1972.On the back is W.J. taken Aug. 3 1972 aged 16 yrs 3 mo. and 11 days. Photographer Chas. Knibb 56 Holloway Rd. London

On front is written "My brother". On the back is Henry Charles Garson 1877, property of his brother Wm Garson, Age 15 years. Photographer E. G. Russell 276 Holloway Rd, N.

2 Photographs for sale. Both are size 2 1\2 x 4 inches. Both are in excellent condition.

This is treasured information for the family genealogist.

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