Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Very Talented Photographer Cousin

Maryland Road

Hagerstown City Park


Please let me introduce to you my cousin Laura who lives in Maryland. She has an amazing talent for photography. Maryland is such a beautiful state. I live in Michigan and every time I visit my family in Maryland, it always captures my heart. I don't visit often enough but looking at her photographs is like being there.

Her photos are so beautiful. She captures the brilliant colors in her landscapes. Details and well focused on the wildlife.

With her permission to share, here is a link to her Facebook photo album.
Take a tour of Maryland through the lens of Laura's camera. I love your photo's Laura!


Free Genealogy Guide said...

I see what you mean about how looking at Laura's pictures makes you somehow experience being there. First, they're very sharp and clear, even when you blow them up. But the striking thing to me is the lighting. It almost resembles that of a painting and conveys the kind of tone that paintings can, but photographs usually can't.

Restored Memories \ Lost Ancestors said...

My cousin was just thrilled with your comment. It was a delight to read. Thank you.