Monday, April 18, 2011

Help Identify This DALTON Couple Photograph

 Help!......Connie would dearly love to identify this wonderful older couple from the Civil War era.

By posting this photo and her note from an email exchange (with her permission of course) this lovely couple might be her Great Great Grandparents.  If Connie can find right the person out there in the genealogy internet world researching the DALTON family in or near the Peterborough Ontario Canada area.

I posted this photo at my Restored Memories store and she found it. Looking closely on the back she saw the names Dumer and Dalton just barely visible. Below is her email.

"My interest in this photo was heightened when I saw what was written on the back (i.e., 'dumer,' at the top and what looks like 'J. E. Dalton' at the bottom). Now, my grandmother's family settled in Peterborough County, in the township of Dummer and their family name was Dalton. My grandmother's grandfather James Dalton (1811 - 1893) was married to Ellen Honora Christie (1811 - ). From my research, G. B. Sproule had a studio in Peterborough from 1869 - 1895. Given the age of the couple in the photo, I wonder if this might James and Ellen Dalton? It would have been around the same time period as the Civil War, so I can see where you would think it was such a photo and from I have read since, CDV were popular at that time."

If you recognize this couple, contact me leaving a comment. Please share this blog to any genealogy posting site, your blog, Facebook, Twitter etc. All Genealogist have a mission in common..... Finding those "Misplaced Ancestors"!

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Brett Payne said...

From a photohistorical point of view this carte de visite portrait is rather interesting, as little attempt has been made by the photographer to hide the evidence of the two separet painted backdrops being used to create the scene. I wouldn't be surprised if this was some sort of "second."

Restored Memories \ Lost Ancestors said...

If you look really close on the back. I needed to zoom in big to see the writing better. The words I can read are - photo, finished, color, 'taken separate frames' and 'separate frames'. These do sound like photographer notes don't they.