Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arthur Butcher- Victoria British Columbia Canada

Here is Arthur Butcher. Written on the back in pencil is his name plus date is either 1812 or 1892-1897. The first date is hard to determine. Photographer Butcher & Co., Victoria, B.C.
(I wonder if he is the photographer or related to the photographer).

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Alexander McEwen, Lobo, London, Ontario, Canada

I would love to find a photo of my ancestor like this one. Written on the back in ink is his name Alexander McEwen, Lobo. I believe he is from Lobo, Ontario Canada. Photographer J. H. Griffths, London, Ontario. 

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Grace and Arnold McNee, Wellwood, Manitoba, Canada

Here is a smaller cabinet card of sister and brother. On the back is written in ink 'Grace and Arnold McNee, Wellwood, Man 1904'. See they are sitting so still and polite, just waiting to go to the home they lost so long ago. Reuniting them with their family would be wonderful. I found them in Michigan.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mrs W. Bouland or Mrs W. Boreland, Peterboro Ontario Canada

Here is a cabinet card of husband and wife. I found them wandering in an antique store in Michigan. Looks like the photo is about 1900-1910 era is my guess. On the back written in pencil and the best I can interpret is "Mrs. W. Bouland, Ottawa" or "Mrs. W. Boreland, Ottawa". Photographer is P.H. Green, Grand New Studio, Hunter St., Peterboro. I believe this is in Ontario Canada. 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mrs. Preacher After Shopping, Goderich, Ontario, Canada

'Mrs. Preacher after shopping'. This is what's written in ink on the back. I wonder what she bought that day. She is very elegantly dress. Civil War era or perhaps the 1870's. Photographer J.W.Johnston, West Street, Goderich, Ont. 

Leon Folsone, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

This little guy is Leon Folsone. He is 1 year old in this picture. I know this because this is written on the back in ink. Perhaps with his mother's handwriting. I found this cabinet card photo in Michigan. Photographer Bonell, 202 South Barstow St. Eau Claire, Wis. 

He can be found at this link

Harold Wesley, Port Richmond, Staton Island, NY

Here is Harold Wesley, only 3 months old in his Christening gown. I found him in Michigan and he dearly wants to go home. On the back written in ink is 'Harold Wesley, 3 months old, Lottie". Lottie might be his mother. Photographer Reilly, Port Richmond, S. I. Little Harold can be found at this link