Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grace and Arnold McNee, Wellwood, Manitoba, Canada

Here is a smaller cabinet card of sister and brother. On the back is written in ink 'Grace and Arnold McNee, Wellwood, Man 1904'. See they are sitting so still and polite, just waiting to go to the home they lost so long ago. Reuniting them with their family would be wonderful. I found them in Michigan.

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Grandma Pat said...

Arnold McNee is my great-uncle; I remember him fondly from my childhood. He taught me how to do the Highland Fling (or tried).

Is there anyway to contact the purchaser of that photo?

Restored Memories \ Lost Ancestors said...

Hello Grandma Pat, The photo was recently sold to Family Photo Reunion. Here is their email address

I contacted Carol and she will know who you are when you write to her. She's the photo contact for her area's genealogical group. She finds photos then trys to find the family they belong to, just like I do.

I'm glad you first found them here. Is Grace your Great Grandmother? It's exciting to create a reunion like Carol and I are doing for you.

Hope all works well. Karen