Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jimmy McClure, Flint, Michigan, Postcard

Little Jimmy McClure sitting so perfectly still in his adorable little snow suit with his "Why me?" expression on his face. This is a post card inserted into a folding paper frame. Photographer DeLoma 128 E. Kearsley St., Flint, Michigan. 
Details of this photo can be found at this link  


Anonymous said...

I know that last name in the US. I will post

Restored Memories \ Lost Ancestors said...

Oh thank you. I hope he finds his home.

Julie M. Staab said...

Karen ~ This is wonderful and your blog is wonderful. What a great mission...love it! :)

Restored Memories \ Lost Ancestors said...

Thank you Julie. Now who wouldn't just love to have this cute little guy back in the family? Yes I am on a mission aren't I? LOL