Saturday, April 28, 2012

From Tintype to Digital

A friend brought to me 2 tintype photographs of her Great Great Grandparents. Oh they are wonderful. I wish I had photos of my ancestors dating back that far. These photos may be dated somewhere in the 1880's is my guess. Quite good condition for their age. 

Original scan
Original scan

Once I lightened them up did I notice all the scratches and marks. Cleaning it up was fairly easy. She asked me to put them side by side to make one photo of the both together to frame.
Lightened showing scratches
Lighten showing scratches
Restored with his name

Restored with her name



I thought this would be easy too but oh was actually the hardest part of this project. I had to go through many many backgrounds to find the right that just makes it the perfect. It has to be the one that makes you go "Oh yea!" at first glance. I did find a few, the tapestry background turned out to be my favorite and hers too.


Now she has them digitalized for safe keeping. It's best to have the original, but you should scan them to make copies. Put them on CD's and pass them to your family. Sharing is a good thing and this way you have copies as backups just in case the original disappears. Digitizing your photos is a very good idea. The only thing that bothers me is will the file name of the person stay with the photo for identification. You can add details to the properties of the file but you don't see it up front. It's still a good idea.
Thank you so much Patti for entrusting in me with your precious photos and the honor of bringing these photos back to life. You have lovely ancestors, enjoy!

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