Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Marguerite Jenks

I found this baby photo of Marguerite Jenks in an antique store in Michigan. There is no other information on this adorable baby. 

I used Ancestry.com to search this name and there is a 1910 census from Charlevoix, Michigan listing a Marguerite Jenks 3 years old, born in 1907. This photo could be from that time. The census lists her parents as Robert H. Jenks, mother is Lizzie K Jenks and a sister named Esther L. Jenks.

I am not claiming this is photo is the Marguerite Jenks in Charlevoix but it could very possibly be her. If you know anyone researching Jenks name, especially in Michigan. Please forward this blog post to them.

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Robert H Jenks
Father's Birthplace:Michigan
Mother's name:Lizzie K Jenks

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