Sunday, February 9, 2014

Miss Ellen Perkins

Miss Ellen Perkins is posing in this photo. No location or any other information to clue me in an where this photo was taken. I found it in an antique store in Michigan.
Since her name is Miss Ellen Perkins, I am assuming she is not married. The time era of the photograph could be 1890's or 1900's perhaps. She looks to be about 20 year's old, so she could have been born around early 1870-1880. Searching on I found a few Ellen Perkins living in Michigan. Some have Ellen for the middle name. It's hard to sort out since I have no more information on her. Perhaps the Perkins family genealogist will recognizer her. Please forward this post to anyone researching the Perkins name. Miss Ellen Perkins would love to go home again. She can be found at this link

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