Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Dodds Family - A Success Story

Oh, what a lovey day it has been. Betty a descendant of the Dodds family found this wonderful collection. This family  lived in Michigan, but they are on their way home to Nevada.  Betty will soon will be meeting for the first time her ancestors. Some of them she knew already, some will be new faces and names. Boy, what a feeling it is to actually meet your Great Great Grandmother, Grandfathers, Aunts and Uncles through a picture. Betty was contacted by someone through that I had these pictures listed on my .

It made me feel wonderful to reconnect this family. As I have mentioned in previous blogs. Finding these photographs lost in an antique store or a flea market. I know somewhere out there, someone is researching this family. That's my goal.

What would be fun if Betty finds a family resemblance. Certain facial features pass down through the generations. I hope she does.
Hang your pictures, display them, don't hide them. If need be make copies and display the copies. If displaying originals, keep them out of the sunlight. Don't ever put them in a photo album with sticky magnetic pages. Use albums with acid free pockets that will allow you to display both sides. Set your photo album on a coffee table to display. This was very popular back when these old photographs were new. You can find in antique stores, empty vintage photo albums and frames. How nice it would be to display them like your ancestors did. 

Most of all hang onto your photos, pass them on to your descendants so they don't get lost in an antique store somewhere.....
Part II continues below.

1-19-2011 Part II This story continues.
     Two weeks later after I mailed the photos to Betty. Carolyn emails me not receiving her photos. After a few conversations with Carolyn and some research. It was concluded the same person who contacted Betty through contacted Carolyn at the same time. The at the same time Betty and Carolyn orders these photos, perhaps clicking on the 'Buy now' button at the same time. Only Betty's order came through first.
      Both ladies tell me these ancestors are from their mother's side, so I knew they must be close cousins. Maybe they already know each other, I didn't know. With permission from both ladies (because I don't give out my customer's names and email address to anyone). I send Carolyn's email address to Betty. What's amazing is yes they are cousins but they didn't know one another. They shared pictures and family history.
     On top of that, I sold some photos last year that belong to this family. I put in my share to their findings, a digital copy of the photos I sold.  Turns out to be new ancestors for Betty. 
     Now that is what genealogy is all about.  It's an amazing feeling to meet a cousin and have the same ancestors, then learn of new ancestors.
     Both Betty and Carolyn graciously allowed me to tell this story. I never thought this type of situation would happen. I am happy for them and hope they meet in person some day. Betty this is Carolyn, and Carolyn this is Betty. Ladies I thank you both.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Carey and Lunette Walls

 Adorable children identified at Carey and Lunette Walls. On the back is written their names twice. Carey and Nettie Walls. I found these children hanging out in a box at an antique sale in Michigan. No idea where they lived.

Size 4 1\4 x 6 1\2 inches. Slightly dirty front and back. There is a remnant of a price tag on the back. Good condition.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frank Clay, Cleveland Ohio

Here is a very handsome and distinguished gentleman named Frank Clay. I found him in Michigan. Written on the back in pencil 'Will be pleased to hear from you. #9 Water St. Frank Clay'. The photographer is 'Rynald H.Krumhar, 225 Superior St. Cleveland OH'. This is excellent information for the family genealogist.

On the back is glued strip of paper at the top.Otherwise very good condition. Size 4 1\4 X 6 1\2 inches.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dottie Mable and Reba Jay Mosher

This is a wonderful picture of Dottie Mable Mosher and Reba Jay Mosher. The tiny shoes on Dottie Mable are adorable and sitting on the lacey draped chair caught my eye. On the back is written in ink 'To Mary Overholt or it could be Orerholt from Dottie Mable Mosher, age 2 yrs and Reba Jay Mosher age 3 months". The photographer is J. B. Sturdevant, Atkinson, Nebr. This photograph was found in Michigan.

The photo is faded otherwise good and clean. Size 4 1\4 X 6 1\2 inches.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mabel and Arlene Burkhardt

 Little Mabel and Arlene Burkhardt. Don't you just want to gather them in your arm and hug them? Big sister wearing a hair bow and little sister wearing a necklace, maybe a little locket and a BIG smile. 

My guess this picture was taken after 1910 but before 1920.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Before and after of a very dirty photo

This Etsy customer  honored me with this project. She has this very dirty and grainy photograph of her great great great grandparents. The photo was scanned at very low resolution. She rescanned it better but still low resolutions 96 dpi. So I had this to work with. 
I could remove of the dirty spots. I remove some of the grainy spots but I decided not to remove them all. It's in their faces and clothing too. To remove all the spots would lose detail to her ancestors. To remove from the back ground would make her ancestors look even more grainier. I could clear their faces leaving their facial details. Then repaired the woman's shoulder, sharpen and adjust the contrast. Gave it a sepia tone look. It's much cleaner still leaving the old fashion look. She was very pleased with the results.

After black and white

After with Sepia tone

Monday, November 15, 2010

Eva Parshall and her Grandpa, Boyne City, Michigan

You just have to love this photo, just impossible not to. Little Eva Parshall sitting on her Grandpa's knee. Photographer I can't read, but it's from Boyne City, Michigan.

Large cabinet card size 6 x 9 inches. Spots all over the front and back. Written in pencil is 'Eva Parshall and Grandpa'. Being a genealogist, I would dearly love to find a photos like this. I hope the Parshall family will. 

To view more details and sale listing of this photograph. Click on this link

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun day collage

Here is a collage I created for my Dad's birthday outing at the ball game. We had a great time, the Tigers won, and best of all they had fireworks in honor of my Dad's birthday. Imagine that! I can create for you  a collage similar to this one. Any theme you wish.

Click here for more details

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Job Sexton from Laingsburg, Shiawasee Co. Michigan

2 wonderful portraits of Mr Job Sexton and his wife. I wonder what sad story of them losing their family. Taken out of the frame and tossed aside. Breaks your heart. I found them in an antique store in Michigan. On the back there is a lot pencil writing. Looks like they were original photographer copies. Mr and Mrs Job Sexton, Laingsburg, Shiawasee County Michigan. To the family genealogist these would be a very great find.

Size 8 x 10 inches each. The matte has spots, stains and dirty on front and back. The actual photos are pretty clean and clear. You can see an oval ring around the photo indicating these were once framed. For more info click on link below.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September-fest Photo Sale

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Little Marguerite Bartig from Charlotte Michigan

I found this little girl in an antique store in Michigan. On the back is written in ink her name 'Marguerite Bartig 18 mo'. The photographer show on the front 'Beardsley Ground Floor Gallery, Charlotte, Mich.'  She's been lost for a long time. To find her family would be wonderful.

The corners worn and torn. The picture is slightly dirty on the front and back. Size 4 1\4 x 6 1\2 inches.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mary Ethel Pepper

Little 2 year old Mary Ethel Pepper. She was found in a local antique store in Michigan. On the back written in ink is her name and age. On the front has the photographer Oliver Lindsay, Ont.

Size 4 1\4 X 6 1\2 inches. It's dirty on the front and back with scratches. But for the family genealogist this is still very good find. Most probably her mother handwriting on the back.

Amy Dell Luther

Amy Dell Luther is an adorable littler girl found in an antique store in Michigan. On the back is written in pencil 'Amy Dell Luther 1 year & 8 months' and in ink 'a very old friend's child lives in California'. This would be very welcome information for the family genealogist.

This cabinet card measures just short of 6 x 8 inches. As you can see from the photos it has a small tare on the front upper corner and some tares on the back otherwise in good condition.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Let me introduce you LilacsNDreams. She is my friend at The Vintage Village community and one of my blog followers. She shares so many ideas, pitches in her comments on discussions, she's incredible. Her ideas helped me to design my blog, which I would like to say Thank You!
Below is a link to her page (which is very pretty I must say) on The Vintage Village community with many links to her websites stores. I wish her well and hopes for much success.

Francis and Katheryn Bates

A lovely portrait of Francis Bates and her daughter Katheryn. It's dated January 1934. I looked at this photo for a long time. noting the details. The mother's hair style, the mother-daughter similar features, the magazine they are looking at, their dresses. Just lovely. Photographer Northland Studio, Toledo, Ohio

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mr. Thomas D'Arcy McGee

My Auction has ended and I had a very nice bid on these 2 photographs. Below is my original blog about this experience. Life is good!

Headline news

I was just informed this man who's photo I am selling on eBay is Mr. Thomas D'Arcy McGee and famous Irish Nationalist from Ireland and then later Canada and is the ONLY Canadian person assassinated at a Federal level in Canadian history. Google his name to read more. I feel like I on Antique Road Show. I am excited! Auction is up Sunday morning. Below is the link to my auction on eBay. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Vintage Jewelry Boutique

I won second place in the "Prettiest Page" contest at The Vintage Village. I thank all who voted for me. Now it's my friend's turn this month. She really spiced up her page. Very clever. If you would take a second and check out her page, the voting booth in on the right towards the bottom. She sells vintage jewelry for those who like unusal things.

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I welcome Carolinabluelady to my blog. She is a friend at She sells antique glass, pottery, lots of other vintage items and flamingos! Click on this link and you will see her The Vintage Village page with links to her several stores. I wish her good fortune and lots of sales.
Her blog, It's really cool

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Photographic on line Vintage Photography magazine

Here is a wonderful website for vintage photographs. They so kindly approved my link request to my Etsy store on their website. I just recently discovered them and will be checking their site often. I just wanted to share this website. You will also see a banner to their website posted on the side of my blog. If you don't find your ancestors in my store, perhaps they might at theirs You never know.

Here is their link

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage Rose Collectibles

I have a new friend found at The Vintage Village. This is "Vintage Rose Collectibles" and this is the link to her page. She has several links to her many different online stores. Her page is very interesting and full of lots of vintage goodies. You will see her amongst my blog followers. She is the lovely lady with the black hat. I wish her good fortune and many sales!

The Vintage Village is a social place for people who like shopping, browsing, discussing and learning antique and vintage things.

P.S. Buy the way did I mention I am a nominee for "Prettiest Page" contest at The Vintage Village? Just click on my page link on the side bar takes you to my page. Scroll down and on the right you will see the voting booth. You don't have to be a member to vote. Pass this secret on.......

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hickman Family of Harbor Springs, Michigan, 9 photographs

Written in pencil on the backs, all but 1 has the same handwriting.

A treasure trove for the Hickman family of Harbor Springs Mich. These nine photos I found in the same box in an antique store in Michigan. Every picture has written in pencil name, location and some have dates. Here are the names on the backs.

Samuel Hart-grandfather to Joe Hickman
Eugene Hickman
Ela Hickman
Ida Hickman
Mrs. Lewis and Aunt Eada and Alvin
Joe Hickman
Henry Hickman born Apr. 12th 1898

Several are faded in color, some are dirty, some have warn corners and 1 has tiny holes. Sizes are variable generally in the 5 x 7 range.

For detail and informaton, just leave a comment or visit my store at

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Dodds Family- 8 photographs

This treasure trove of the Dodds family was found in the same box in and antique store in Michigan. 8 wonderful pictures. Written on the back are names

To: Archie and Maggie
Old Mrs. Dodd
Archie and Maggie, Great Great Grandma Dodds
Archie and Harrison Dodds
Fred Dodds (Dr)
Alice Dodds
Mr & Mrs Chalker and Son, Mr and Mrs Archie Dodds
Robert Dodds, son Archie Dodds, son Russell Dodds (Baby)

Size vary from smallest 4 1\4 X 6 1\2 inches to largest 7 X 9 inches. Most are in great shape, some have the usual spots, stains and worn corners.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jessie Cameron - Montreal

This young lady I found in Michigan. On the back written in ink is "Jessie Cameron" It's easier to read her last name when enlarged on the monitor. Photographer Martin Photography, Cor, Craig & Bleury, Montreal

Size 2 1\2 X 4 inches. Dirty on the front and back. Picture is still good.

Any question, comment or are interested just leave me a comment. I also have this listed at

The Vintage Village - Which Member Has The "Prettiest Page"? Contest

Poll: Which Member Has The "Prettiest Page"?

'Restored Memories' my page has been selected as a nominee for The Vintage Village "Prettiest Page" contest. Just click on the link to the voting booth. Or visit my page at
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It 'a great place for vintage\antique minded people. Very friendly place to go.

Good luck to my fellow contestants!

Mrs Wm Robinson 1865 and Elizabeth Robinson Evans - Montreal - 2 photographs

What a find for the family genealogist! I have 2 photographs I believes belongs together. I found them in Michigan in the same box.

One photograph of mother and child is dated 1865. The same year the Civil War ended. On the back is written in ink Mrs Wm Robinson 1865. I can't make our her first name but her first child was Lizzie. Written in pencil is Grandmother of Annie's, Katie's Wilber's children. Photographer Martin Photographist, Cor Craig & Bleury Street, Montreal

The other photograph written in pencil is 'Aunt Lizzie, Elizabeth Robinson aged 16 yrs, After-wards Mrs N.O. Evans.
Martin photographist, Cor Craig & Bleury, Montreal. Field Photographer, St. Catherine St. cor of Peel, Bleury, Montreal

Both are size 2 1\2 x 4 inches. Excellent conditions for their age. These 2 photos are for sale at my Etsy store. Just click on my link or go to

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vintage Village

I have been away for a while. As you can see my blog has a new look. added these really neat background themes. I might be changing them from time to time.

Also I found this really neat website for promoting my small business. It's called "Vintage Village" and there is a gathering of sellers advertising their vintage items. A perfect place for me to promote my "Lost Ancestors" and my Restored Memories store. On my blog I added a link to my page on Vintage Village. The people there are very lively and friendly. There are lots of sellers with very cool pages and items they are promoting. I am still building my page and have a lot of work to do creating a good theme. So the look will be changing till I have it just right. It's lots of fun.

It's a never ending project, but never feels like work. That what I love about this.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun with mattes

This photo is very badly damaged. The back ground is near impossible to restore. Cropping is my choice to center the people and still keep the interesting fair behind them to help date this photo. Then add a vintage style matte to frame it. I really enjoyed creating these matte frames.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Correct color on your precious photographs

This photo was taken several years ago with film that caused the picture to develop in red. I can correct color. Remove a color cast. Adjust the brightness and contrast. Remove spots, scratches and noise. The crop and sharpen slightly the final image.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bishop Reunion, Aug. 9, 1916

Oodles of ancestors. This wonderful picture of the Bishop family reunion was found in an antique store in Michigan. On the back written in pencil is written 'Bishop reunion, Aug. 9, 1916'. I would be very excited if someone from the Bishop family or decedents were find this picture.

Size 10 x 12 inches. A scrape on the bottom and a few spots on the back, otherwise in excellent condition.

If you are interested in this photo, it's listed at my store or just leave a comment.