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From Black & White to Full Color

From black & white to full color is what I call Colorizing and this is what I have done for these photos. With Matt's permission, he allowed me to display my work on his photos. All the colors in the final photo where to Matt's specifications, the way he remembers the farms he grew up on. Two photos, one black & white, the other was hand colored years ago incorrectly. I suppose that is the beauty on digital coloring, once you paint the color you can change and correct easily. 

I used Photoshop for all the coloring. Writing is not one of my strong suits but for this blog article I thought I would give a hand at writing my procedures used, not in step by step but what tools I used. This might be more interesting to folks who know the Photoshop tools. If you are not familiar and don't want to cross your eyes figuring out these terms, just scroll down to my "before and after" photos. 

Here goes..... Tools

Color Adjustment tools - I mainly used the Color adjustme…

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