Friday, March 12, 2010

Katherine Juh Vlasic Hubbard

I am starting my blog in honor of my Grandma Kay. Her birthday is March 16, 1915, she died October 4, 1998. She was born in Karlovac Croatia and was an orphan during WWI. Her father Ivan Juh died serving as a soldier in WWI and her mother died during the great flu epidemic before 1919 because at the age of 4 she was brought to the United States in 1919 by her uncle Peter Vlasic. Peter and his wife (my grandmothers aunt) Katherine Juh Vlasic adopted her and raised her with their 5 children. My profile picture is her high school graduation in 1933 Detroit, Michigan. I think she attended Cass High School. She never liked the picture but I think she was beautiful. She was a dear Grandmother and I have lots of wonderful memories of her. I miss her very much.


Brandi said...

I love this picture! I miss her too. It's weird, I still think about her at least once a day. I really like the framing around her face, great job!

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely idea to honor the memory of a dear loved one. Kay is my Dad's Aunt, and I have fond memories of Aunt Katie Hubbard. I ended up with (Great) Grandma Vlasic's photographs - to include a portrait photo-postcard of & from her brother Ivan in 1911. There are other treasures in this photo collection of our shared ancestors that I'm anxious to share with you - and I am thrilled to know I have a cousin that shares my interest in our family. I'll be contacting you soon. Karen Korol