Friday, April 23, 2010

My earlier works

Here are 2 more of my earlier works on restoring photographs. The top one is of my Uncle Roy. This one was my first real challenge, especially his right eye. I worked a really long time. Actually, I shouldn't say work, because it's fun not work at all.

The second picture below is my Dad Bob and Uncle Roy. This one was easier. Very much worth it.


A rootdigger said...

I shall have to look into that restoration. I have a few I inflicted by improper transfer, suffering massive guilt ovr it. same bent kind of lines. It takes forever to make the color in the document saver edit program.

Karen Haggard said...

Send me a copy of your picture to my email and I can discuss it with you. Then you can decide what to do.

Tara said...

Wow, I just adore this, what great work!!

I haven't checked out your store yet, but I love your posts! Thanks for sharing!


Karen Haggard said...

Thank you Tara. I am pleased you like what I love to do. I checked you website out, very nice. Thanks for looking at my blog!