Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Newton family from Lapeer Michigan

These 4 photos I found in the same box at an antique store in Michigan. 3 photos written on the backs in ink their names, Ella L. Newton, Elmer Newton and Ward Newton. The group photo is possibly the family, because the 3 separate photos almost match 3 in the group photo. All 4 photos have the photographer "Lofft, Lapeer Mich" on the front.

All 4 photos are 4 1\4 x 6 1\2 inches. Elmer Newton has paper stuck on his face, with careful procedures I am sure the paper can be removed, Ella L. Newton photo has several stained spots on the front. All 3 have some spots and stains due to aging of the photos. The Newton family genealogist would still value these photos.

Selling in 'As is' condition. All my photos ship in a sturdy photo mailing envelope, classified as parcel package per the U.S. post office.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

My earlier works

Here are 2 more of my earlier works on restoring photographs. The top one is of my Uncle Roy. This one was my first real challenge, especially his right eye. I worked a really long time. Actually, I shouldn't say work, because it's fun not work at all.

The second picture below is my Dad Bob and Uncle Roy. This one was easier. Very much worth it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

D. Bert Belanger's graduation picture

This cabinet card was found in an antique store in Michigan. On the back is written in pencil identifying him as D. Bert Belanger, Graduation Picture, June 21, 1911.

Size 4 x 5 inches. Very good condition.. http://www.etsy.com/listing/73683814/d-bert-belanger-graduation-picture   Please check my other photos listed on my store.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My first attempt on retouching a damaged photo.

Before and After

This is my great grandparents, my grandmother is the youngest girl and her sister, my great aunt. This is a photo of a photo my husband took for me on film (yes film not digital) several years ago. I could not take the original to make copies and before the days I had a computer and scanner.
This is my very first touch up with the photo software I had at the time about 4 years ago. I was so excited I could do this. Instantly I was hooked. Family photos have always been interesting to me. Now I have Adobe Photoshop Elements software. It's not as fancy as Photoshop CS4 but it has a lots of neat tools to use.
I will redo this photo later on Elements. But for now I just want to show you my first attempt.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wall paper frame

This is a portrait of my Great Grandmother. It's a hand colored portrait that is badly damaged. I have the original. I took a picture of this, then took out all the cracks and spots. Lighten and adjust the color. But to post on my family blog http://www.myfunkfamilyofpennsylvania.blogspot.com/ I needed to have a better presentation of this wonderful portrait. I created this wall paper frame.