Saturday, February 26, 2011

John and Lida Stringer

  I found this photo in an antique store in Michigan. By first glance you think this is a worthless fade photo of an old couple. Nothing further to look at and pass it up.
     Not me, I saw someone's great great grandparents or great great aunt and uncle. On the back is their names John & Lida Stringer, ages 55 & 57 in the year 1905. To a genealogist's eye this is fabulous. Both born before the Civil War in 1848 and 1850. Someone having STRINGER name in their family tree can use this information to help place this couple in their records.

     With a few touch ups with my photo program you can see the details in their faces which I love. I am always intrigued in seeing who looks like who. Seeing family resemblance passed down though generations.
     You can find John and Lida at my new location "Lost Ancestors". I would dearly love to find their family so they can go home. Click on this link for details.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another success story, Mrs Wm Robinson 1865 and Elizabeth Robinson Evans - Montreal - 2 photographs

     Who would have thought Cathy from Quebec finding her ancestors in Michigan? She never did.... actually just these photos made their way to Michigan. After a few email conversations with Cathy, we concluded they probably never lived in Michigan. I purchased them from a dealer in Michigan, who purchased them from a dealer in Vancouver, who purchased them from ??? Wish we knew but it doesn't matter, Cathy found them and these ladies are on their way home to Quebec Canada. A long lost reunion, how exciting.

     Maria and Elizabeth Robinson lived in Montreal. I envy Cathy finding these photos especially dating 1865 Civil War time and lots of great information written on the back. Very lucky indeed. Cathy told me an "Angle" from notified her of these photos listed on my website store.

 Cathy, put the tea kettle on and set out the biscuits, they are going to be hungry after their trip. Enjoy!



Lost Ancestors - Garson Brothers - London UK- 2 photographs

These 2 brother I found in the same box at a flea market in Michigan. Both are from London and both have written in ink front and back:

On front is W.J. Garson 1972.On the back is W.J. taken Aug. 3 1972 aged 16 yrs 3 mo. and 11 days. Photographer Chas. Knibb 56 Holloway Rd. London

On front is written "My brother". On the back is Henry Charles Garson 1877, property of his brother Wm Garson, Age 15 years. Photographer E. G. Russell 276 Holloway Rd, N.

2 Photographs for sale. Both are size 2 1\2 x 4 inches. Both are in excellent condition.

This is treasured information for the family genealogist.

These photos can be found for sale at my Etsy store. Click this link

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lost Ancestors - John Seymour, Fredericton, N.B.

John Seymour is his name as written in pencil on the back. Photographer Harvey Art Gallery, Predericton, N.B.

Cabinet card size 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches. The photo is faded and slightly dirty. Good condition.

He can be found at my store with this link

Lost Ancestors - Ben S. Kingsbury, Lapeer Twp.

This is Ben S.Kingsbury. On the back written in pencil is his name and Lapeer Twp. On the front shows photographer 'Davids Studio, Lapeer Mich.' I found this in an antique store in Michigan.

Size 3 x 4 inches. Two nicks on the front top and right edges. Otherwise in good condition. He can be found at my shop with this link. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Can you see what's missing?


In my earlier blog I wrote about my cousin Laura's photography. Here is another great picture by her. Can you tell what's missing? The snowman and the lighting in the park made this such a cool picture, but those ugly bundles in the background just had to go. I couldn't resist removing the big bundles. (Oh my aching back!). No actually, just sitting on my butt in front of the computer, using my Photoshop Elements software the selection, copy, move, erase, duplicate, spot healing tools did the job, not my back.
This snowman is in Hagerstown City Park, Hagerstown Maryland.

My Very Talented Photographer Cousin

Maryland Road

Hagerstown City Park


Please let me introduce to you my cousin Laura who lives in Maryland. She has an amazing talent for photography. Maryland is such a beautiful state. I live in Michigan and every time I visit my family in Maryland, it always captures my heart. I don't visit often enough but looking at her photographs is like being there.

Her photos are so beautiful. She captures the brilliant colors in her landscapes. Details and well focused on the wildlife.

With her permission to share, here is a link to her Facebook photo album.
Take a tour of Maryland through the lens of Laura's camera. I love your photo's Laura!