Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Honor of Father's Day

Here is a treasured photograph of my father and his brother. This is my only photo of my dad this young so it's very dear to me. Someone scribbled pencil markings all over him. Maybe it was my uncle who doesn't have a pencil mark on him at all. 

Well I took away the scribbles, scratches, spots and stains, but I didn't take away the pout-y look on my uncle. Some expressions should remain the same.

This is one of my earlier attempts of restoring photographs. This photo wasn't very difficult or challenging. It most defiantly encouraged me that this is something I wanted to pursue and love to do. 

Maybe you have a treasured photo of your father that needs some TLC. Just send me a comment, email or click on this link to my Restored Memories store.

For my Dad who has always been and always will be here for me and in my heart. I will love you for ever. Happy Fathers Day!

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