Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Grandma Lillian

This photo is a mess. Spots all over, stains here and there, a tear, chips and cracks. Just a messy mess. Good thing there is software to fix these problems. Good thing I love restoring these photos. 
After Sepia Tone
She is holding her doll and her short pixie hair cut, I could only imagine her in a pink dress. She may have originally worn a white dress, but pink is just the only color a little girl should wear.

After Colorized
Adding a touch of color adds something special to these old photos. I usually like to keep the photos as original as possible, but adding a touch of color adds something special to these photos. This project I created in black & white, sepia tone and colorized.

This one belongs to a friend of mine. The adorable tiny girl is her grandmother. Little Lillian Long we figured is about 3 years old in this photo in 1906. Enjoy your photo Mickey! It was a pleasure working on it and meeting your grandmother.

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