Friday, April 18, 2014

WANTED: The family of John Cole from Mifflin, Ohio

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John Cole and I met at an antique store in Michigan. We talked about how he managed to be living in the antique store. He seemed to be suffering from a bit of a memory loss replying back "He doesn't remember, but he would very much like to find his family again". John is from Mifflin Ohio according credentials on the back of his photo. So he came home with me and I did some research on to see if I can joggle his memory again, I found a John Cole in....

1870 living in Mifflin OH with his father Benjamin. John was 23 at the time and a school teacher. 

1880 age 35 in Mifflin OH and a farmer, he is married to  Martha and has children Roy and Edna

1900 age 55 married to Melinda, he is a farmer. Living with him is Roy, Edna, Harry, Benjamin and Clayton

1910 age 64 married to Melissa and still farming in Mifflin OH

1920 age 78 married to Melissa and retired in Mifflin OH. Living with them is Edna, Benjamin and Clayton

1930 age 87 married to Melissa, retired and now living in Bethany, Harrison Co. Missouri

1931 age 88 he died in Bethany Missouri.
He was amazed but still could not remember any of this. So it is vital we find his family and being back home might help his memory.

If you recognize this man or know someone who knows of John Cole's family, please contact me...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Is What I Love To Do

This is just fun, fun, fun to do. Some tares mended, spots removed, brightening color and it turns out wonderful.

 Thank you to my gracious client for allowing me to post her photo on my blog and Facebook page. 

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

What a Handsome Guy!

This is Mark, he's my grandson and he's such a handsome guy don't you think? I took this photo and thought it was good except for the red eyes. I am not a photographer by no means, so I let my Photoshop software make up for my lack of photography skills, and it  took care of that quite well. With a little improvement here and a little tweaking there... and now his photo is wow! When I retouch photos, I don't mean to alter physically, I just make small improvements. Like remove acne, red eye, whiten teeth and improve brightness and color making the photo pop!

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