Monday, December 8, 2014

Adding People to a Photo

Original -  William, Clayton, Bob and Greg
 This is my sister-in-law Dian's family, her "My Guys" photo. One guy (below) was left out by not being there at the time of the original photo (on the left) shoot.

The "Out" guy Dale
Dian knows I love working with photos. She of course asked me to work on this on. Taking her son's picture later and asking me to place him with the others to complete the photo.

Here is my final. The tools I used on Dales photo is the quick selection tool, refine edges tool and then saved it as a .psd file. Then I placed him in the original photo to join the other guys placing him between Bob and Greg. On Dale's layer I lowered the opacity so I can see Bob and Greg while still seeing Dale at the same time. I then could erase parts of Dale using a soft edge brush so he is standing behind Bob and Greg. (Sorry Dale, that sounds kind of cruel doesn't it). 

Dale's coloring was more lighter and whiter compared to the other guys, so on his layer I used the Levels and Brightness\Saturation adjustment tools to match the rest of the photo. His skin was still too white so I found this skin coloring technic on TipSquirrel  by Janine Smith
Janine has really good tutorials.

I think everyone was happy with the results.

Without Dale

With Dale

They are such handsome guys. Thank you Dian for letting me work on your project and using it for my blog article.

I can also take people out of photos, but that will be another article.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. If you have people to add or omit, please contact me by through this blog or email me at or join me on my Facebook page Restored Memories/Misplaced Ancestors/Lost Ancestors on Facebook

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