Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Job Sexton from Laingsburg, Shiawasee Co. Michigan

2 wonderful portraits of Mr Job Sexton and his wife. I wonder what sad story of them losing their family. Taken out of the frame and tossed aside. Breaks your heart. I found them in an antique store in Michigan. On the back there is a lot pencil writing. Looks like they were original photographer copies. Mr and Mrs Job Sexton, Laingsburg, Shiawasee County Michigan. To the family genealogist these would be a very great find.

Size 8 x 10 inches each. The matte has spots, stains and dirty on front and back. The actual photos are pretty clean and clear. You can see an oval ring around the photo indicating these were once framed. For more info click on link below.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Little Marguerite Bartig from Charlotte Michigan

I found this little girl in an antique store in Michigan. On the back is written in ink her name 'Marguerite Bartig 18 mo'. The photographer show on the front 'Beardsley Ground Floor Gallery, Charlotte, Mich.'  She's been lost for a long time. To find her family would be wonderful.

The corners worn and torn. The picture is slightly dirty on the front and back. Size 4 1\4 x 6 1\2 inches.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mary Ethel Pepper

Little 2 year old Mary Ethel Pepper. She was found in a local antique store in Michigan. On the back written in ink is her name and age. On the front has the photographer Oliver Lindsay, Ont.

Size 4 1\4 X 6 1\2 inches. It's dirty on the front and back with scratches. But for the family genealogist this is still very good find. Most probably her mother handwriting on the back.

Amy Dell Luther

Amy Dell Luther is an adorable littler girl found in an antique store in Michigan. On the back is written in pencil 'Amy Dell Luther 1 year & 8 months' and in ink 'a very old friend's child lives in California'. This would be very welcome information for the family genealogist.

This cabinet card measures just short of 6 x 8 inches. As you can see from the photos it has a small tare on the front upper corner and some tares on the back otherwise in good condition.